The Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Tixteen is a brand influencer marketing agency that promotes influencers to connect with brands. It is the largest platform where brands and creators stand together to evolve a brand. Influencer marketing has evolved a lot in the present decades. Doing influencer activities back in 2015 was easier on Instagram than today. Let's explain to you how you can become a brand ambassador for someone's product or service. 

First of all, you need to see if your looks and work are outstanding enough, then you hold a high chance of becoming a trendsetter. Secondly, you have to set up a budget for yourself. Thirdly, ask for products from the brand and make a reel showing the product, post a picture or post a story showcasing the product and telling your fans about its benefits. This is how you can turn out to be a Brand Ambassador for a brand or business. Also, you need to focus on increasing your followers on Instagram or any social media site. Nowadays, people have turned this work into a full-time career for themselves, they team up with brands, and get paid to create content for them to promote them. Being featured on a special page on Instagram is considered applaudable these days. For becoming a fashion influencer, you may not need to depend only on perfect shot pictures, but on cool poses and good editing as well. You can also team up with an agency for doing promotions and collaborations. Collaborations are of two types - barter and paid. 

Tixteen offers paid collaborations. As a social media influencer agency, we are deeply concerned with how brands and trendsetters help in shaping influencer marketing as per the demographics of Instagram and other networks Snapchat, YouTube, Josh, Moj, etc that have their own demographics. On this platform, you can register for free as an influencer and the brands can pick their ideal influencers also, influencers can pick their favorite brands and create content for them, and advertise their product and service. As much as strategy is important, choosing a platform is also important, and so does sticking to it. 

Tixteen is a brilliant stage for that. From influencers having 8k followers to mega-influencers having over 100k followers, all the influencers can sign up on this platform. Rest it depends on the brands, and which influencer they want to choose. Their payment varies wildly too. Micro-influencers can promote only a few brands and work on their own while mega influencers get a lot of proposals and are sometimes represented by agencies. This is how influencer marketing works and how an aspirant can outshine in this field.


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